Another Baseball Player Wants To Join The $200 Million Club

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If Prince Fielder gets his way, Albert Pujols won’t be the only player that signs a $200 million contract this winter. According to Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated, Prince Fielder is looking for an 8-year, $200 million contract as a free agent.But is Fielder worth as much as Pujols?

Pujols is clearly the better player (see below). But Fielder is four years younger than Pujols and there is already concern that Pujols is on the decline.

Last winter it was reported that Pujols rejected a 9-year, $195 million offer from the Cardinals. And while the Marlins are hoping to land Pujols, their offer was also below the $200 million barrier.

So it is hard to imagine Fielder getting $200 million even if one of those teams bumps their offer up a bit. But hey, Prince can dream, right?


Pujols vs Fielder