It Looks Like Prince Fielder Isn't Going To Get That $200 Million Contract After All

Prince Fielder

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

We are now two months into the Hot Stove Season, and Prince Fielder doesn’t appear any closer to signing the $200 million contract he was seeking. And interest in the slugger has been luke-warm at best.Here are the teams that may or may not be interested in Fielder…

Washington Nationals

Buster Olney of says that the “assumption among a lot of baseball executives” is that Fielder’s best offer will come from the Nats. But the Nationals GM also said Adam LaRoche will be the team’s first baseman in 2012.

Chicago Cubs

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Cubs are the “front-runners” to land Fielder. However, Nick Cafardo of theĀ Boston Globe says the Cubs “are not major players” for Fielder, noting that they may not want to spend a lot of money.

Seattle Mariners

The Mariners are one team whose name keeps coming up in the Fielder Sweepstakes. But according to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, some think Fielder would prefer to play on the east coast. And while the M’s are considered a long-shot, so were the Texas Rangers when they signed another Scott Boras client, Alex Rodriguez.

Baltimore Orioles

Heyman says the O’s are also showing interest. The Orioles are on the east coast and offer Fielder more games on the big stages (New York, Boston), even if it will be on the losing end.

Florida Marlins

The Marlins lost out on Pujols, which would suggest they still have a lot of money to spend. But Rosenthal says they are not interested. Then again, that could be a smoke-screen.

Notice a pattern here? These are all teams with losing records in 2011. So Prince might be stuck taking a smaller contract, and choosing between the evils of several lessers.

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