Prince’s sister says he did not have a will, which could lead to messy future of $300 million estate

Prince had no known will according to his sister, the Associated Press reports.

The musician’s sister, Tyka Nelson, 55, is filing paperwork to be appointed executor of his estate, according to the AP, following Prince’s untimely death at 57.

Without a will that determines what happens to Prince’s estate, its future could become messy, as Business Insider reported. Prince’s net worth is valued at around $300 million.

Entertainers, however, are known for avoiding such legal planning.

“My experience with people in the music industry is, even more than other people, they think they will live forever,” Los Angeles-based attorney Laura Zwicker, who specialises in clients worth more than $100 million, told Business Insider. “So, getting them to focus on a plan is really a challenge.”

You can find out more about what could happen to Prince’s estate here.

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