Prince Charles Has Given An Hilarious Tribute To Molly Meldrum And Countdown's 40th Anniversary

Who knew His Royal Highness Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, could do comedy?

The future King of England and Australia appears on the 40th anniversary tribute to Countdown on Sunday night, cracking jokes about his 1977 interview with Molly Meldrum, one of the more excruciating moments in Australian television history.

The Prince was about 28 when he appeared on Countdown beside a terrified Meldrum, whose nerves at meeting royalty nearly overwhelmed him. The outtakes of that moment have become part of Australian folklore.

Now, nearly four decades later, Charles makes a very special guest appearance in the ABC documentary Countdown: Do Yourself a Favour.

HRH roasts Meldrum with aplomb, saying “There is an old show business saying which warns never to work with animals or children, but nobody prepared me for Molly Meldrum”, before going on to joke “Was it really 40 years ago? It only seems like yesterday. I wish it were tomorrow, I’d cancel it.”

Having seen the outtakes, in which Meldrum swears like a trooper every time he stuffs up – although you can see him biting his lip in the presence of Prince Charles – the future monarch continues “I certainly learned some interesting new Australian words from Mr Meldrum and if he could have read my mind he would have learned some interesting new English words from me”.

Prince Charles goes on to mimic a few of the funnier moments in the blooper, including the show’s producer, Ted Emery, punching Meldrum on the arm in an attempt to buck him up. It’s not known who had the task of punching the Prince or if they’re still alive.

Countdown: Do Yourself a Favour begins on Sunday, November 16, at 7.40pm on the ABC

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