Here Are The Craziest Details About The Tricked-Out A380 A Saudi Prince Is Buying For $500 Million

Prince Alwaleed is worth an estimated $18 billion

Earlier this year, Dealbook revealed that billionaire Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud (of dwarf-tossing fame) was spending some $500 million on a fully customised A380 from Airbus, the most expensive private jet ever.Now The Daily Mail has found out some jaw-dropping details about the plane, which the prince ordered more than three years ago.

Remember — the A380 is normally used as a commercial airliner, and can hold 800 passengers. But here’s what Prince Alwaleed has reportedly tricked out the triple-decker jet with instead:

  • A parking spot for his Rolls-Royce
  • Five suites with king-sized beds and ensuite bathrooms with showers
  • First-class “sleepers” for an additional 20 guests
  • A steam room for spa treatments and a marble-finished Turkish bath
  • A boardroom with holographic displays
  • A prayer area “in which computer-generated mats move to point towards Mecca”
  • A “concert hall” with a baby grand piano and seating for 10
  • A spiral staircase connecting all three floors

The average price for an A380 is $389 million, according to Airbus. But the prince’s plane, with its lavish customisations, is expected to cost upwards of $500 million.

He’s expected to take delivery of the plane in 2013.