Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Pauses Election Campaign To Fly To Canberra For National Security Briefing

Getty/ Chris Hyde

Kevin Rudd has put his electoral campaign on hold today to attend a briefing in Canberra on the crisis in Syria.

This morning in Sydney Rudd commented on reports the US was preparing missile strikes on Syrian government forces, saying Australia would not make any hasty decisions to respond, reports The Australian.

Rudd has not ruled out Australian participation but said, “[A] Calm sober response means taking the information available at hand first, analysing precisely and carefully what has happened here and then carefully considering appropriate responses.”

According to The Australian, under caretaker conventions during the election campaign period the Coalition would be offered a parallel national security briefing on the crisis.

The Wall Street Journal has dubbed the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria what may be the worst chemical weapons massacre in more than two decades.

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