Prime Minister Abbott Wants To Throw The Book At Cowardly Sydney Street Violence

Tony Abbott at Campbelltown Police Station during the 2013 federal election. PHOTO: Getty

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is appalled by the drunken violence on Sydney streets and says the courts should come down hard on unprovoked attacks.

“As a father and as a citizen I am appalled by what seems to be happening in certain trouble spots here in this great city of ours,” the Sydney resident says.

He was commenting on local Sydney radio station Radio 2GB about recent street violence and King Hits, where people are bashed at random.

“It is utterly cowardly,” the prime minister says. “It’s brutal, it’s gratuitous, it’s utterly unprovoked and it should be dealt with, with appropriate severity by our system.”

He sees two problem areas:

  • A binge drinking culture which seems to have become prevalent among the young in the last couple of decades.
  • The rise of the disturbed individual who goes out not looking for a fight but looking for a victim.

Abbott says:

“They’re completely unprovoked and inevitably the target is not some ‘tough bloke’ who might be able to fight back, the target is some mild, unprepossessing individual who is not doing anything to anyone but is simply picked on.

Now, this is a vicious, horrible change and I think that really, the police, the courts, the judges ought to absolutely throw the book at people who perpetrate this kind of gratuitous, unprovoked violence.”

The prime minister likes a drink himself but says there’s a world of difference between having two or three drinks and having 20 or 30.

Apparently, young people go from drinking nothing from one week to the next but then they binge.

“This, it seems, is the modern way,” the prime minister says.

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