Prime Minister Abbott 'Hopeful' On Japanese Free Trade Negotiations

Tony Abbott

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is in Tokyo as part of his North Asian tour where he is seeking to cement Free Trade Agreements with Japan, South Korea and China.

In a doorstop interview with journalists at Toll Holding’s Japanese subsidiary in Tokyo, the Prime Minister said he was:

…hopeful not just of getting more Australian produce sold in Japan, more Japanese products sold in Australia but we want to have more investment – more two-way investment – and more opportunities for Australian companies to flourish here in Japan.

When pressed on the timing of the deal and whether he would achieve agreement on the last sticking points on things such as beef tariffs while he was in Japan, the Prime Minister said he was not certain of the timing as there “are still some final matters to be resolved and while we do want a swift conclusion, we want a satisfactory conclusion as well.”

It’s a week packed full of meetings and competing interests but an agreement sounds like it might be close.

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