Pricetag For Bernie Madoff's Mets Tickets: $80,000


We knew Bernie Madoff started out as a kid from Queens but we had no idea he was a Mets fan.

The court appointed trustee for Madoff’s assets has been trying to figure out how to monetise Madoff’s two season tickets for the Mets.

They are in the Delta Club Platinum section, right behind home plate. The cost of the tickets was $80,000 but with the recent economic collapse, there are few buyers at that price.

So Irving Picard, the trustee, has struck a deal with the Mets. He’s trading the Platinum for seats in the Delta Club Gold seating area plus a parking pass, rights to purchase playoff tickets and a Delta Sky360 club pass. 

The total face value of the new package $60,750. The tickets will likely be sold on Ebay.

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