Priceline Wants In On The Groupon Craze


Before ReachLocal snapped it up,’s business development people flirted with daily deals startup DealOn, a source close to the startup tells us.

“Priceline is looking heavily at getting into the local daily deals business,” says this source.”

“And not from scratch.”

ReachLocal bought DealOn for $10 million. It plans to use DealOn’s platform to help publishers sell daily deals to their readers.

JP Morgan analyst Bridget Weishaar estimates DealOn will add $4 million to ReachLocal’s revenues and as much as $6 million to its costs.

Who might Priceline try to buy next? We don’t have any sourcing on that but independent daily deal sites in the travel vertical include TripAlertz,, and SniqueAway is owned by TripAdvisor and Jetsetter is part of Gilt Groupe.

Meanwhile, don’t look now, but Pricline is about to have a bigger market cap than Yahoo.

A Priceline PR rep declined to comment on “rumours or speculation.”

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