Incredible vintage photos of US presidents playing sports

Nearly all of the presidents from the last 100 years played sports (or at least acted like they did).

Some were big-time college football stars, while others were just recreational golfers.

The archives are full of photos of presidents playing sports in order to connect with the common man, and there’s something strangely intriguing about seeing these legendary figures so out of context.

From William Taft to Barack Obama, here are some of the most important people in history playing sports.

Herbert Hoover in 1931 playing 'Hoover-Ball' -- a game involving tennis, volleyball, and a medicine ball that Hoover's doctor invented to keep him in shape

John F. Kennedy sailing at the 1962 President's Cup

Getty Images

JFK golfing on Cape Cod (1963)

Lyndon Johnson throwing out the first ball at the Washington Senators game in 1964


Richard Nixon golfing in Key Biscayne (1968)

Barack Obama golfing at the White House

Of course, Obama also likes to play hoops.

Pete Souza/The White House via Getty Images

As for tennis, Obama might want to stick to basketball

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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