POTUS ON THE LINKS: 100 Years Of Presidents Playing Golf

kennedy golf

Photo: AP

Barack Obama plans to play a round or two of golf on his vacation in Martha’s Vineyard this weekend.Critics will certainly call him out for hitting the links while the country’s economy continues to nosedive, but the truth is that sitting presidents have been playing golf for over 100 years.

We collected photos of presidents on the links as far back at William Hard Taft in 1908 to show that Barack is not alone.

William Howard Taft (1908)

William Howard Taft at Brookline (1913)

William Howard Taft at Brookline (1913)

Warren G. Harding in New Hampshire (1921)

Harry S. Truman in Key West (undated)

Dwight D. Eisenhower in Rhode Island (1957)

Dwight D. Eisenhower outside the White House (1958)

John F. Kennedy on Cape Cod (1963)

JFK and Jackie O. in Rhode Island (1963)

Lyndon Johnson in Puerto Rico (1968)

Richard Nixon in Key Biscayne (1968)

Gerald Ford in Vail (1975)

Jimmy Carter was a distance runner, not a golfer (1979)

Ronald Reagan with Tom Watson and Lee Trevino (1988)

George H.W. Bush in Maine (1989)

Bill Clinton on Martha's Vineyard (1993)

George W. Bush in Maine (2002)

Barack Obama at the White House (2009)

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