What 15 presidents, first ladies, and their children looked like at the same age

Getty/GettyJohn F. Kennedy (left) and his daughter Caroline (right) are both pictured at the age of 4.
  • Have you ever wondered what US presidents, first ladies, and their children looked like at the same age?
  • We’ve combed the archives to find out.
  • By and large, the familial resemblance is obvious in America’s first families, like the nearly indistinguishable baby photos of Michelle Obama and her daughter Sasha.
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The children of America’s presidents bear a striking resemblance to their parents, as evidenced by a set of images Insider has compiled, showing members of the first families at the same age.

Some were almost impossible to tell apart, especially as babies and toddlers. Richard Nixon and his daughters looked like triplets since they all had the same bowl cut at the age of 4.

The photos cover a wide range of ages, from the baby photos of Michelle Obama and her daughter Sasha, to the graduate school snapshots taken of Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea.

Continue to see more of these comparison photos of America’s first families, from the Trumps to the Roosevelts.

President Donald Trump and his three sons are pictured in elementary school. From left to right: Donald Trump in an undated photo, Don Jr. at the age of 10 in 1988, Eric at the age of 12 in 1996, and Barron at the age of 8 in 2014.


President Barack Obama is seen attending his high school graduation on the left in 1979. His eldest daughter, Malia, is seen attending a state dinner in her senior year of high school on the right, in 2016.


First lady Michelle Obama (left) and her youngest daughter Sasha (right) are pictured as babies. Michelle was born in 1964, and Sasha was born in 2001.

Michelle Obama’s Pinterest/Instagram

George W. Bush (left), Laura Bush (centre left), and their twin daughters Barbara (centre right) and Jenna (right) are pictured at the age of 18.

Getty/Courtesy of George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum/AP

President Bill Clinton (left) and his daughter, Chelsea (right), are pictured during their college days at Oxford. Clinton attended the British university on a Rhodes Scholarship in 1968. Chelsea followed in his footsteps for graduate school in 2001.


Four members of the Bush family are pictured in the sixth grade. From left to right: President George H.W. Bush, 12, circa 1936; Barbara Bush, 11, in 1936; President George W. Bush, 11, in 1957; and Jeb Bush, 12, in 1965.

Courtesy of George H.W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum

President Ronald Reagan (left) and his youngest son, Ron Jr. (right), are pictured at the age of one. The elder Reagan’s photo was taken in 1912. The photo of his son was taken in 1959.


Jimmy Carter (left) and his youngest daughter, Amy (right), are pictured around the age of 4. The photo of President Carter was taken in 1928, while the picture of his daughter was taken in 1971.


Gerald Ford (left) and his youngest child, Susan (right), are pictured as babies. President Ford’s photo was taken in 1913. Susan Ford’s photo was taken in 1958.


Richard Nixon and his two daughters are pictured at the age of 4. From left to right: Richard Nixon in 1917, Tricia Nixon in 1950, and Julia Nixon in 1952.


Lyndon B. Johnson (left) and his youngest daughter, Luci (right), are pictured as toddlers. The picture of President Johnson was taken in 1910, when he was 18 months old. The picture of Luci was taken when she was about a year old in 1948.


The Kennedy family is pictured at the age of 4. From left to right: John F. Kennedy in 1921, Jacqueline Kennedy in 1933, Caroline Kennedy in 1962, and John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1965.


Dwight D. Eisenhower (left) and his son John (right) are pictured as cadets at West Point. The picture of President Eisenhower was taken in 1911, when he was 21. The picture of his son was taken in 1944, when he was 22.


Harry S. Truman (left) and his daughter, Margaret (right), are pictured as teenagers. The photo of President Truman was taken when he was 15 in 1899. His daughter is pictured at the age of 16 in 1940.


Four members of the Franklin D. Roosevelt family are pictured at the age of 5. From left to right: FDR in 1887, Eleanor Roosevelt in 1889, James Roosevelt II in 1914, and Elliott Roosevelt in 1916.


Teddy Roosevelt (left) and one of his sons, Archibald (right), are pictured in their late 20s. President Roosevelt is seen in 1884, at the age of 26. His son is pictured in August 1922, at the age of 27.


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