Here's how much President Obama earned last year

President Obama released his 2014 tax returns with reported income of $US477,383.

The president, who filed jointly with his wife Michelle, paid $US93,362 in taxes at a rate of 19.6%. They also paid $US22,640 in state income tax to Illinois, where they own a home.

The first couple donated 14.8% of their total income to charity with $US70,712 in donations to 33 non profit organisations. The largest contributions went to the Fisher House Foundation ($US22,012) and Sidwell Friends School ($US5,000), the DC private school where daughters Malia and Sasha attend.

They also tithed $US1,500 to St. John’s Episcopal Church in DC, where the family has attended Sunday services.

Obama also made good on his promise to donate to the ALS Association with a $US200 gift, after he opted not to take part in the Ice Bucket challenge in support of the group last summer.

Vice President Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, also released their tax returns and reported joint income in 2014 of $US388,844.

They were taxed at the rate of 23.3% and paid $US90,506 in federal income tax along with $US13,661 in Delaware income tax.

Jill Biden, who teaches English at Northern Virginia Community College, paid $US3,777 in Virginia income tax.

The Bidens contributed $US7,380 to charity in 2014.

They donated to education non profits along with Catholic charities and a Presbyterian church.

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