Here's how they got President Obama to do a 'cameo' on the Mr. Robot season premiere

Obama Mr RobotUSA via YouTubeThe president addresses a concerned nation on ‘Mr. Robot.’

The season two premiere of hit drama “Mr. Robot” appeared to have a surprise cameo from President Barack Obama.

A quick recap: After fsociety hacks E Corp, America is in chaos. At the start of the first episode of season two, Obama speaks on TV about the crisis.

“The FBI announced today, and we can confirm, that Tyrell Wellick and fsociety engaged in this attack,” Obama somberly states during a news conference.

From late night appearances to “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee,” Obama clearly enjoys being on TV.

However, he did not actually cameo on “Mr. Robot.” Instead, they used some technical wizardry to repurpose an old Obama news conference to fit the show.

“Someone close to the show” informed Vulture that most of the footage and audio was plucked from old Obama press conferences. However, the lines specific to the show, such as the references to Tyrell Wellick and fsociety, were done by a very talented Obama sound-alike. Using careful editing, they were able to make the words match the movement of Obama’s lips.

Now, the real question is: who is this amazing Obama sound-alike?

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