A bunch of 6-year-old Girl Scouts charmed President Obama when they asked him if he ever has brainstorming sessions

This is pretty cute.

President Obama strolled the floors at the annual White House Science Fair and was stopped by a group of adorable 6-year-old Girl Scouts wearing capes.

The girls had designed “a mechanical Lego contraption that can turn pages, to help patients with mobility issues read books,” Mother Jones reports.

They were the youngest inventors invited to present their product at the fair.

Obama had a lot of questions.

“Are you able to slow it down and speed it up?” Obama asks. The girls respond with a chorus of “Noooooo’s.”

“It’s a prototype!” one of the girls explains. “We came up with it in a brainstorming session.”

“It’s a prototype!” Obama echos, clearly charmed. 

The girls then ask Obama if he’s ever had a brainstorming session himself. Obama answers that he has, but all he could come up with is healthcare. This seemingly goes over the heads of the little girls, but gets a big laugh from the adults in the room.

Then everyone goes in for a group hug. It’s adorable. 

You can watch the full video here and below:


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