George H.W. Bush used his last words to tell his son he loved him

  • The 41st US president, George H.W. Bush, died Friday, and his last words have been shared by someone who joined him at his bedside.
  • “The last words George Bush ever said were I love you,” James Baker, who served as secretary of state under Bush, told “Fox News Sunday.”
  • According to Baker, Bush said the words to his eldest son, George W. Bush.
  • The younger Bush entered the room to say “Dad, I love you, I will see you on the other side,” Baker said.

George H.W. Bush’s last words before his death on Friday have been revealed by a longtime friend and colleague who shared the former US president’s bedside.

“The last words George Bush ever said were ‘I love you,’ and he said those words to 43, George Bush,” former Secretary of State James Baker told “Fox News Sunday.”

No. 43 was a reference to Bush’s eldest son, George W. Bush, the 43rd US president.

Baker described the elder Bush’s final moments. He said George W. Bush entered the room and said “Dad, I love you, I will see you on the other side.”

“They made arrangements for all of his children to call in to, in effect, tell him goodbye,” Baker said.

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Baker also said the Irish tenor Ronan Tynan visited Bush’s bedside. “He sang couple of songs for President Bush on that last evening,” Baker said. “One of them was ‘Silent Night,’ and as he was singing, President Bush was mouthing the words.”

Dick Cheney, who before becoming vice president served as defence secretary under the elder Bush, joined Baker on Sunday’s news broadcast, saying, “He was an extraordinarily consequential president.”

Here’s the video of the two men sharing their memories of Bush, who died at 94:

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