‘It is a totally one-sided, biased show’: Trump finds ‘SNL’ not ‘funny at all’

Alec baldwin president elect donald trump jason sudeikis snl mitt romney
Alec Baldwin, left, and ‘SNL’ alum Jason Sudeikis reprise their roles as Donald Trump and Mitt Romney, respectively, on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ NBC; YouTube

President-elect Donald Trump slammed NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” on Sunday morning.

The episode featured Alec Baldwin’s return to impersonating Trump for the first time since the presidential election. The show also featured a sketch in which people who opposed Trump’s win created a new society “under a bubble.”

“I watched parts of @nbcsnl Saturday Night Live last night,” he wrote on Twitter Sunday morning. “It is a totally one-sided, biased show – nothing funny at all. Equal time for us?”

In the episode’s opening sketch, Baldwin and “SNL” portrayed a waffling, panicking President-elect Trump who is in over his head, reflecting critiques in the media that Trump has been inconsistent when it comes to fulfilling his campaign promises. The sketch poked fun at his waffling on the Mexican wall, his lack of knowledge on ISIS, and portrays Trump as backing down on his plan to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants.

It also mocked his choices for cabinet positions, which have included controversial appointments like former Breitbart News chairman Steven Bannon as chief strategist.

For example, Baldwin’s Trump asked his former campaign manager Kellyanne Conway (played by Kate McKinnon) if anyone was commenting on his cabinet appointments. In response, she read back a glowing tweet from Former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke.

In another instance, “SNL” alum Jason Sudeikis made a surprise appearance and reprised his impersonation of Mitt Romney. Trump had met with the former GOP presidential
nominee and governor of Massachusetts over the weekend. Romney was fiercely opposed to Trump during the election, but is now reportedly being considered for secretary of state.

In the sketch, Sudeikis’ Romney enters and shakes hands with Trump for an awkwardly long time without saying anything. Finally, “Romney” said, “This is not going to work, is it?

“I don’t think so,” “Trump” answered.

However, another sketch seemed to mock liberals who can’t accept the reality of Trump’s election, suggesting that they’d move to a self-contained and heavily censored bubble.

“In here, it’s like the election never happened,” said “SNL” cast member Sasheer Zamata in the sketch.

This isn’t the first time Trump has critiqued the show. In October, he called the show “boring and unfunny” and Baldwin’s impersonation of him “stinks.”

In light of Trump’s newest comments on “SNL” being “biased,” it should be noted that the sketch show had Trump on as a host for an entire episode during the presidential primaries in November 2015, a controversial move since NBC had previously said it was cutting ties with the controversial real-estate mogul.

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton appeared on just one sketch the previous month.

Watch the two Trump-related “SNL” sketches from this weekend below:


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