President-Elect Jokowi Is Asking The Public To Help Pick His Cabinet In An Online 'Indonesian Idol' Survey

Ulet Ifansasti/ Getty.

President-elect Joko “Jokowi” Widodo is giving the citizens of Indonesia the chance to help choose the members of his Cabinet.

Jokowi has devised an online poll called People‚Äôs Choice for an Alternative Cabinet, whereby the public polls for the 34 ministers they want to be included in his political party’s Cabinet, the Jakarta Post reports.

While most political parties use Twitter and Facebook to engage with the public, this use of social media is a first of its kind.

Some are calling it the “Indonesian Idol” but Jokowi says he simply wants to know what the public is thinking.

“Up to this point, we have not talked about who will fill which position. Once again, this is only to seek input from the people,” he said.

While this is just one method being used by the incoming President, it is already being received well among the public.

“Indonesia has more than 70 million netizens, with a majority of them well educated and over 34 years of age,” said Director of social media pollster PoliticaWave, Yose Rizal.

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