PRESENTING: The Most 'Liked' Wall Street CEOs

Jamie Dimon like page


There’s no denying it — there’s definitely been a great deal of ire directed at Wall Street lately, especially toward the bank CEOs.But many of these CEOs are still “liked.”

Well, on Facebook, that is.

Those who use the social networking site can join so-called “like pages” and there are pages dedicated to these Wall Street titans.  (Of course, we suspect that many of them are not “official” pages.) 

While the numbers aren’t staggering or jaw-dropping, it appears that they do, in fact, have fans in the social media sphere.

Bob Diamond

Bank: Barclays

Number of 'Likes': 4

People Talking About This: 1

Fun Fact: He began his career as a lecturer at UConn's business school.

Sergio Ermotti

Bank: UBS

Number of 'Likes': 8

People Talking About This: 1

Fun Fact: He took an apprenticeship at the age of 15 at the Corner Bank in Lugano.

James Gorman

Bank: Morgan Stanley

Number of 'Likes': 14

People Talking About This: 0

Fun Fact: He has a law degree.

Brady Dougan

Bank: Credit Suisse

Number of 'Likes': 32

People Talking About This: 0

Frederic Oudea

Bank: SocGen

Number of 'Likes': 42

People Talking About This: 0

Fun Fact: He worked as a technical adviser in Nicolas Sarkozy's office, then Minister of Budget and Communication, back in 1993.

John Stumpf

Bank: Wells Fargo

Number of 'Likes': 49

People Talking About This: 5

Fun Fact: He had bad grades in high school and limited finances and subsequently had to take a job as a bread maker.

Brian Moynihan

Bank: Bank of America

Number of 'Likes': 109

People Talking About This: 4

Fun Fact: He was the co-captain of the rugby team while at Brown University.

Lloyd Blankfein

Bank: Goldman Sachs

Number of 'Likes': 479

People Talking About This: 14

Fun Fact: To earn money as a kid, he took up a job selling concessions at the Yankees' stadium.

Josef Ackermann

Bank: Deutsche Bank

Number of 'Likes': 809

People Talking About This: 14

Fun Fact:

Vikram Pandit

Bank: Citi

Number of 'Likes': 4,062

People Talking About This: 143

Fun Fact: Pandit has bachelor's and a master's degrees in engineering.

Pandit definitely has the best page in terms of content and interactive users.

Jamie Dimon

Bank: JPMorgan

Number of 'Likes': 4,637

People Talking About This: 36

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