PRESENTING: The steps a stay-at-home mum took to go from working at Starbucks to earning over $100,000 a year as a freelancer

Jamie JohnsonJamie Johnson.

Five years ago, Jamie Johnson – a stay-at-home mum for seven years – decided it was time for a change. Her options were limited since she never graduated from college and had little work experience, but she was determined to re-enter the workforce.

Johnson took on a job at Starbucks for nine months making around $US8 an hour to save up for a college degree. However, when financial strains took a toll on her plans, she joined global freelancing platform Upwork in the hopes of becoming a writer. Now, she’s made over $US111,000 this year.

She shares five unconventional steps that set her up for success as a freelancer, and how you can build your career from the ground up like she did.

“Over these past few years, I’ve learned that other people can only tell you what’s worked for them,” Johnson said. “For instance, my family and friends weren’t wrong when they suggested I finish my degree – I just had a different experience than they did. And at the end of the day, it’s up to all of us to find our own path.”

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