PRESENTING: 30 Of The Best People To Follow On Twitter For Australian Economics And Markets News

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Twitter has become the world’s go-to platform for breaking news. One of its persistent problems, though, is knowing where to start.

The Australian markets and economics news and commentary has really ramped up over the past year. The social network is now a great place to find news, insights, and perspective on the stories of the day, and the bigger issues in both the domestic and global economies.

To help you figure out who to follow we’ve pulled together this list of 30 people who really enrich Twitter with Australian their business and finance content. You can follow them all at this link.

We’ll update it in future so hit us up with your suggestions @BIAus.

Assad Tannous, trader at Asenna Wealth

Image: Supplied.

Assad uses Twitter to share trading knowledge and Australian market commentary.

He tweets a lot of his trades in real time and explains why he's making decisions as he goes. Great insights from the desk of a trader active in Australian stocks.

David Scutt, macro trader

Image: Supplied.

David Scutt is one of the sharpest finance tweeters in the country. Until earlier this month he was a Treasury Dealer at ABAL.

Over the past few years he has managed to build a loyal social following, largely because of the speed and quality of his analysis, as well as his predictions and excellent charts. He also shares live commentary on data releases.

Stephen Koukoulas, MD of Market Economics

Image: Supplied.

Stephen Koukoulas is MD of Market Economics, an experienced economist and a true giant in Australia's Twitterverse.

He’s a former senior economics advisor to Julia Gillard, and also worked as an economist at Citibank and TD Securities. The Kouk always has strong views on the health of the Australian economy and doesn’t hold back in sharing them.

Koukoulas has over 14,000 followers and regularly provides up to the minute commentary on markets and economic trends.


Brooke Corte, Sky News Business anchor

Image: Twitter.

Sky Business anchor Brooke Corte is prolific on Twitter. From the Sky Business desk she tweets market news and commentary throughout the day and regularly leads conversations with the community on the big moves.


Chris Weston, chief market strategist, IG

Image: Supplied.

Chris Weston tweets awesome graphs and commentary on what's happening in markets around the world.

A market strategist at IG, Weston is quick, accurate and engaging. He also tweets news flashes that drop on the wires that could move markets.

And he’s got a sense of humour too.

Peter Esho, chief market analyst, Invast

Image: Supplied.

Peter is chief market analyst at Invast. He has some great one-liners and shares concise real-time analysis of major moves in the markets. He can also occasionally call out buzz on Twitter for its limited relevance to the real economy.

Matt Cowgill, Australian Council of Trade Unions economist

Image: Twitter.

Matt gives a direct and often humorous take on the stories of the day from his particular vantage point at the ACTU, where he looks at the impact of economic data on Australian workers.

He's a clever guy, tweeting all about different elements of the Australian economy, from jobs to politics. He's also not afraid to bat for his team.

Dan Petrie, Australia & NZ economic data editor at Bloomberg

Image: Twitter.

As Bloomberg's economic data editor Dan Petrie is across all the major economic releases and market-moving data during the day. He is always one of the fastest to get new data out, and also tweets major company news as well as a smattering of general interest stories going on around the world.

James Glynn, Dow Jones & the WSJ economics writer

Image: Linkedin.

The WSJ's economics writer in Sydney keeps the focus on Australian data and commentary from the research shops, but with a global perspective.

Glynn has covered the Australian economy and watched the Aussie battler rise and fall for more than a quarter of a century.


Juliette Saly, Commsec market analyst

Image: Supplied.

Juliette Saly's is one of the faces of Commsec's markets team and maintains a diverse Twitter feed.

She covers individual stocks and sectors, mixed in with plenty of interesting content from around the web.

Peter Martin, economics editor at The Age

Image: Screenshot.

Peter Martin has been reporting on Australian economics since 1985 and is currently the economics editor at The Age.

He's a former Commonwealth Treasury official so has seen both sides of the equation. On Twitter he's engaging and quick to react when stories break.


Michael McCarthy, CMC Markets chief market strategist

Image: Supplied.

A regular commentator on the financial TV networks, Michael McCarthy is one of the brighter voices in the Australian market. He regularly tweets links to his updates on the CMC blog and is also a bit of a fan of the artist Banksy.

Kate Mackenzie, Financial Times writer

Image: Screenshot.

Financial Times Asia correspondent Kate Mackenzie provides diverse economic commentary, news and generally interesting banter in the spirit of the FT’s Alphaville. Kate's currently on maternity leave.

Shane Oliver, AMP Capital chief economist

Image: Supplied.

Shane is chief economist and chief investment officer at one of Australia’s largest fund managers, AMP Capital. His regular market commentary on the major data of the day is a good helicopter view of market activity.

As the public face of a large investment fund, he's a reliable point of reference for what's happening in the economy. He also interacts well with the Twitter crowd.

Cameron Kusher, senior analyst at RP Data

Image: Supplied.

From his vantage point at RP Data, Cameron has an unparalleled view of the Australian housing market. He's active on Twitter and shares some great charts and insights on activity in this critical part of the economy.

Chris Caton, chief economist at BT Financial Group

Image: Screenshot.

Chris Caton is one of Australia's most senior economists with more than two decades in the finance sector. You can tell something of his style from his Twitter bio: 'Chief economist at BT Financial Group since 1991. Never been promoted.'

Caton has a lot of depth to add to the numbers and isn't shy in coming forward with his analysis.

His tweets are generally short, sharp and concise plus he is rather witty on Twitter.

Jessica Irvine, News Corp economics editor

Image: Supplied.

As News Corp economics editor, Jess has a great talent for explaining the issues in the economy. She tweets on and off but shares some great insights and colourful observations.

Warren Hogan, ANZ chief economist

Image: Supplied.

Warren Hogan is quick to tweet key data points together with his analysis and opinions on markets.

Hogan is in charge of ANZ's global markets research efforts and has worked as an economist and strategist at a number of Australian and international banks for almost two decades. Look out for his real-time analysis on the data of the day.

Carson Scott, Sky News Business anchor

Image: Twitter.

Sky's Carson Scott is now a Twitter regular but only joined a short time ago.

He will fill your feed with breaking business news, data and analysis. If you only know him from TV so far, don't worry: he’s just as loud on Twitter as he is on the box.


Gregory McKenna, Business Insider Australia economics writer

Image: Supplied

Greg covers markets and economics for Business Insider, but we found him via his tweeting. He's been working in financial markets since 1988, and has managed multiple billions of dollars in funds in short term interest rates, bonds and currencies. Back in 1998 he became Australia's first currency strategist at Westpac.

As a behavioural finance and economics expert you'll usually get a different angle on the news of the day from Greg.


Alan Kohler, Business Spectator and ABC News Finance

Image: Screenshot.

Kohler's tweets include some of the rough-and-tumble on the business news of the day, mixed in with some politics, links to comment pieces he finds interesting and some sport commentary. He also shares his insights and some of his daily charts.


Christopher Joye, contributing editor at the AFR


Christopher Joye writes some great stuff at the AFR these days but has been a tweeter since the early days on the platform often engaging The Kouk and others in some lively economic debates.

He is also a Director of Mark Bouris' Yellow Brick Road Funds Management and was previously with Rismark international which he helped found.

Joye's tweets are eclectic so you'll get a solid view across the economy.

Tim Schroeders, fund manager at Pengana Capital

Image: Supplied.

A fund manager at Pengana Capital, Tim Schroeders tweets some pretty hardcore financial news and insights.

He's worked in finance for over 20 years, with most of his time on the equities side.

Tony Boyd, AFR columnist

Image: Linkedin.

If you want quality business tweets, Tony Boyd is your man.

A long time columnist at the AFR, he tweets news and comment about what's happening in the world of business and finance. He often has rapid analysis of major Australian company stories and knows what good writing looks like, so his links are high-value.

Mark Bouris, executive chairman of Yellow Brick Road

Image: Bloomberg.

The Wizard Home Loans founder and YBR chairman has a wealth of experience in money management, finance and the housing sector and now does a lot of work with entrepreneurs.

His tweets are usually opinionated, short and passionate and he’s among the best at rolling up his sleeves and engaging with other folks in some chat and banter.

Alica Barry, ABC finance reporter

Image: Twitter.

Alicia is a finance reporter and presenter on with ABC News. She covers all the major breaking company news of the day.


Stephen Halmarick, economist at Colonial First State

Image: Linkedin.

Head of economic and market research at Colonial First State Global Asset Management, Stephen Halmarick has almost three decades of experience in financial markets.

He is also chairman of the Australian Business Economists and tweets about Australia's finance sector with a global economic perspective. He'll also share stuff that's not just work. Underfollowed.

Greg Jericho, economics and policy writer

Image: Facebook. (And yes, that's Greg on the left.)

If you're not among his 27,000 followers already, brace yourself. Greg is a big, busy personality on Twitter, sharing news and his own commentary on politics, policy, economics, sport and culture through the day.

He is a former public servant who wrote an influential blog under the pseudonym Grog's Gamut before being unmasked four years ago. He now writes a economics column, Grogonomics, for The Guardian Australia.


Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, finance journalist

Image: LinkedIn Profile

Rudi tweets a raft of content from offshore as it applies to markets globally and here in Australia.

You'll often find things on Rudi's stream that you won't see anywhere else until much later.

John Hempton, CIO at Bronte Capital

Bronte Capital's John Hempton is one of the sharpest minds in Australian finance. His firm, Bronte Capital, is one of the more interesting funds going and takes short positions in stocks it thinks are frauds or fads.

John's Twitter stream is a rolling conversation with the Twitter community on some of the major stories in global stocks.


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