One Day After Reported Settlement, Florida AG Releases Blistering Must Read Presentation On Fraudclosure

Pam Bondi

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A day after a report of settlements between banks and Attorney Generals across the U.S. on the issue of foreclosure-gate, the office of Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi released this blistering presentation on the “Unfair, deceptive, and unconscionable acts in foreclosure cases.”It doesn’t exactly read like someone is about to give in to a weak settlement.

This presentation explains some of the fraudulent and deceptive activities banks have been engaging in Florida. The now famous robo-signers are discussed, but the use of fake witnesses, documents, and affidavits are also eluded to. Examples of forgeries are included.

If you had trouble understanding why many state governments put a halt on foreclosures, affecting firms like Bank of America, PNC, Citi, and JPMorgan, this presentation should make it obvious.

Note: We’ve cut out the first few pages of the report as they didn’t add much and got you straight into the details.

Now, how is this foreclosure mess going to hit home in 2011?

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