A total stranger saved a pregnant woman who was dangling from the Bataclan Theatre during the Paris attacks

A pregnant woman dangled from a window ledge at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris on Friday as gunmen indiscriminately shot people inside the building, killing at least 89.

A total stranger saved her.

Sebastian — who did not reveal his full name — rescued the unnamed woman after hearing her calls for help. He was clinging to an air vent after attempting to escape the gunmen when he heard her. She can be heard on film shouting, “Help, I’m pregnant!”

“She was begging people down below if they would catch her if she jumped,” he told La Province. “But it was chaos down there. We were 15 meters above the ground. I held on for five minutes and then the pregnant woman, who was exhausted, begged me to help her get back inside. That’s what I did.”

Her boyfriend and family learned that she was pregnant from watching this news report.

Story by Allan Smith and editing by Stephen Parkhurst

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