Here's What It Was Like For A Pregnant Kerri Walsh Jennings To Pose Nude For The ESPN 'Body Issue'

ESPN’s annual Body Issue came out today and amongst the athletes who showed off their amazing bodies is Olympic volleyball star Kerri Walsh Jennings.

But Jennings’ shoot was unlike anyone else’s because she was nine months pregnant. Jennings then had another shoot just three months after giving birth and posed with her baby girl. Pretty cool. Here’s what it was like…

Walsh Jennings was nervous about her shoot when she was nine months pregnant pointing out, “these are strong, empowered people who are at the peak of their fitness and then look at me, I’m pregnant.”

kerri walsh jennings body issue

But at nine months pregnant, she looked great

kerri walsh jennings espn body issue

But after her baby girl was born it was back to the volleyball courts to get in shape

kerri walsh jennings espn body issue

And just three months later, it was time for another shoot, this time with her newborn. This shoot, was even more nerve-wrecking for Walsh Jennings, she said “when I was pregnant I feel like I was in costume almost…now I’m in the ESPN Body Issue and my body isn’t quite where I want it to be so I’m more vulnerable.”

kerri walsh jennings espn body issue

She felt like she was “at least a month out” from being ready to be in the magazine but she looked great.

kerri walsh jennings espn body issue

Overall, Welsh Jennings really wanted to inspire. She told ESPN “when people see me pregnant and then post pregnancy, I just hope they see how much power there is in the female form.”

kerri walsh jennings espn body issue

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