A pregnant fitness star wrote an inspiring response after being shamed for her 'small' baby bump

Australian fitness star Daegan Coyne posted a moving response to critics who have bullied her for looking “way too small” during her pregnancy.

The pregnant bodybuilder told her 27,000 Instagram followers that she had been shamed for having a “small” baby bump at 30 weeks pregnant. But Coyne wrote that her bump is actually “average”  — and reminded her followers that every woman carries her baby differently.

“Given I am yet to see one lady carry their pregnancy shape and size the same as another, I believe it’s safe to assume peeps that there is no ‘one size fits all” pregnancy,'” Coyne wrote on Instagram.

The fitness guru wrote that she’s seen friends be told that they’re “too big” or “too muscly” during their pregnancies.

“I know heaps of the comments aren’t meant to be hurtful or upsetting by any means, but we all have enough to worry about being a new mum (omg scary) let alone whether you are the size you are ‘expected’ to be,” she wrote.

Coyne also noted that she doesn’t think anyone actually knows what the “expected” pregnancy size really is, and that some days she’s told that she’s carrying her baby too high, while other days people comment that she’s carrying the baby “so low.”

“Bubba is in fact above average size for at 30 weeks, I am just good at hiding her,” Coyne added.

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