PREDICTION: These Will Be The 20 Biggest Yachts On The High Seas In 2012

eclipse yacht

2012 has only just begun, but our friends over at are already making forecasts about the largest yachts of the new year.

Some have not been built yet, while others have existed since the 19th century.

These vessels are surely impressive for their size–and their features–but what is perhaps more intriguing about them is how they are shrouded in the opaque and mysterious world of some of the most affluent people on the planet, from Russian oligarchs to Arab princes.

#20 Luna: 115 Meters

Year: 2010

One of the largest explorer yachts in the word, this vessel was constructed by Lloyd Werft and Stahlbau Nord for the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich.

Abramovich is also rumoured to own one or two of the higher-ranking yachts in this list, but you'll have to click through to find out which ones they are.


#19 Pelorus: 115 Meters

Year: 2003

OK, it's this one. But there could be another one further into the list, too.

Originally commissioned for a Saudi entrepreneur, Abramovich now owns this luxurious yacht, with two helicopter pads. It was built by Lurssen Yachts.


#18 Issham Al Baher: 115.76 Meters

Year: 1973

Built in Skaramanga, Greece, and formerly known as the Atlantis, the Issham Al Baher is a smooth ride, equipped with a stabilisation system that reduces the nauseating effect of roll motion.


#17 Atlantis II: 115.82 Meters

Year: 1981

Also built in Skaramanga, by Hellenic Shipyards, this yacht can hold up to 26 guests. She was constructed in an attempt to out-yacht Aristotle Onassis and, like her almost-sister, the Issham Al Baher, the Atlantis II possesses a modern roll motion stabilisation system.


#16 Turama: 116.41 Meters

Year: 1990

Currently available for charter, the Turama was originally a cruise ship before she was made into this hulking specimen of luxury yachthood.

The yacht, converted to a charter vessel in 2003, contains two VIP suites, a main saloon, a private cinema, two conference theatres, and an internet cafe, among other grand attractions.


#15 A: 119 Meters

Year: 2008

The A Yacht, code named Project Sigma for some reason, was built for the Russian entrepreneur Andrey Melnichenko. There are three swimming pools on board which generate resistant currents.

Uniquely designed, the vessel features an upside-down hull, sleekly resembling the aquiline curve of an eagle's beak.


#14 Alexander: 122 Meters

Year: 1965

Available for charter, the Alexander was designed by a German company and was purchased by the Greek shipping mogul John S. Latsis. She is still in the Latsis family.

She features a disco bar. Enough said.


#13 Katara: 124.40 Meters

Year: 2010

There's really not much to say about this yacht, because not much is known.

She is is rumoured to feature sea terraces. As you can see in the picture, she is also bigger than a van.


#12 Octopus: 126.20 Meters

Year: 2003

Owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen the Octopus was last refitted in 2008. She has a jacuzzi on deck, and what appears in the picture to be a helicopter. Maybe it's because her full-time crew includes former Navy Seals.


#11 Al Mirqab: 133 Meters

Year: 2008

Built for Middle Eastern Royalty in Wewelsfleth, Germany, the Al Mirqab won the Best Interior Design Award at the World Superyacht Awards in 2009. Her interior is the work of Andrew Winch Designs, and she is owned by the Emir of Qatar.


#10 Serene: 133.90 Meters

Year: 2010

This yacht is said to be one of the most technically advanced yachts ever constructed. She comes equipped to store a large submarine, if you have one.

She looks a little like a whale when viewed from below the hull, but have you ever met a cetacean styled by Raymond Lanton Design?


#9 Rising Sun: 138.40 Meters

Year: 2004

The Rising Sun, owned by media mogul David Geffen, is said to have been built to be larger than the Octopus. Well, she is. Sadly, though, there are no reported Navy Seals aboard this giant.


#8 Al Salamah: 139 Meters

Year: 1999

Code named Mipos (for Mission Impossible), Al Salamah is rumoured to have over 80 rooms. She was owned by the late Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz--the heir apparent to the Saudi throne--who died last October.


#7 Yas: 141 Meters

Year: 2011

This one is a beauty. Hailed as the largest launch of 2011, Yas was sleekly built on the steel hull of a former Royal Dutch Navy frigate from 1978.


#6 El Horriya: 145.72 Meters

Year: 1865

El Horriya is an Egyptian presidential yacht and one of the world's oldest. Formerly known as the Mahroussa, she was built by Samuda Bros. in London. In Arabic, 'horriya' means freedom. Make of that what you will.


#6 Prince Abdulaziz: 147 Meters

Year: 1984

Another Saudi Royal Family yacht, the Prince Abdulaziz is the largest yacht built in the 20th century. She is used recreationally and for business. She was last refitted in 2005 and designed by David Hicks.


#5 Topaz: 147 Meters

Year: 2012

Due to launch this year, there's not much known about Topaz besides that she is huge. She was constructed by Lurssen Yachts in Bremen, Germany.


#3 Al Said: 155 meters

Year: 2008

Custom built (also by Lurssen Yachts, in Bremen), the Al Said cruises at a steady speed of 22 knots. This steel-hulled superyacht accommodates 70 guests and is currently available for charter.


#2 Dubai: 162 meters

Year: 2006

Featuring a glass circular staircase which changes colour, this elegant yacht was designed by Andrew Winch.

More than 10 years before she put in, the Dubai began construction for Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei. The vessel was acquired by Platinum Yachts and completed for Sheik Mohammed Rashid al-Maktoum, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates.


#1 Eclipse: 164 meters

Year: 2010

It's this one. (Remember the first slide?) There are rumours that the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich owns this superyacht--add it to the list--which was built in 2010 at the Blohm + Voss Hamburg Shipyard. She can accommodate 30 guests in 15 cabins, and has on board a 16-meter swimming pool which converts into a dance floor.

Also, if you had 3 helicopters, you could land them on this behemoth.


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