Here's the story behind those 2 men from Sunday's bloody chainsaw fight on 'Preacher'

Warning: There are spoilers ahead for “Preacher” if you’re not caught up.
“Preacher” went full-Tarantino Sunday night, soaking the screen in red as Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) faced down the two mysterious men from the premiere episode tracking Jesse. Cassidy unleashes hell on both men, beating one senseless and dismembering the other. Yet miraculously, in the final moments of the episode we see them calmly explaining to Sheriff Root that they’re government agents tracking a fugitive.

That’s at least half true. Who are these men and how did they survive being killed by Cassidy?

Two-weird-preacher-guyAMCTom Brooke as Fiore (Left) and Anatol Yusef as DeBlanc (Right).

DeBlanc (the shorter one) and Fiore (the taller one) are technically telling the truth when they say they’re agents tasked with tracking down a fugitive. The pair are angels sent from Heaven to retrieve Genesis, the divine entity that possessed Jesse in the pilot. 

In the comics, DeBlanc and Fiore are a class of angels called “Adelphi.” The Adelphi were tasked with watching over Genesis in Heaven and DeBlanc and Fiore were blamed when it escaped. So the pair descended to Earth to bring Genesis home. There was just one problem. Genesis has chosen Jesse as its host, so they will have to find some way to separate the two. As we saw, they have prepared two plans to accomplish this. Plan A is to softly coax it from Jesse with a lullaby.

Plan B is a chainsaw. 

When DeBlanc’s lullaby fails, Fiore decides to gently remove Genesis from Jesse’s body. Jesse, meanwhile, is out cold because he defiantly drank Cassidy’s moonshine (mixed with air conditioner fluid!) and blacked out.

Luckily, Cassidy is here to protect him. In the highpoint of the episode, Cassidy rips into DeBlanc and Fiore, smashing DeBlanc’s face in, sawing off Fiore’s arm, and diving to the rescue when the chainsaw goes rogue with Fiore’s dangling arm still attached. 

It’s a gruesome orgy of mayhem, that takes place in a church no less, and works both to develop Cassidy and Jesse’s bromance and introduce us to the Adelphi angels, who will play a major part in Jesse’s journey in the episodes to come. For now, at least, we know that Jesse’s powers have put him dead center in a much larger plot that we’ll see unfold soon and Cassidy, for better or worse, is along for the ride too. 

You can watch the full scene, released by AMC, below:

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