What It's REALLY Like To Tailgate For A Meaningless NFL Preseason Game

happy giants family

Photo: Corey Nachman

Yesterday was the preseason home opener for the New York Giants and the Big Blue faithful were out in nearly full force in the Meadowlands.We say nearly since some of the fans are saving their appetites and livers for opening weekend and they need the entire preseason to prepare.

The warrior NFL fans needed no such rest. They enjoyed great food, cold beers, games of catch, and eventually, a Giant victory.

The early trains to The Meadowlands were practically empty

Initially, the stadiums public transportation entrance way was completely devoid of people

Stadium entertainers were setting up a show for kids at MetLife Central nearly four hours prior to kickoff

The sidewalks surrounding the stadium were incredibly clean, but that will change once the season is fully underway

Are you, by chance, ready for some football?

Finally, some fans decided to show up

Giants Superfan Marie doesn't need a regular season game to enjoy some fine pulled pork tailgate style

Fellow Superfan Ruth is excited that football is just around the corner

Tailgater extraordinaire Lauren gets ready to enjoy some tasty beverages in the parking lot of a public place

A group of Pop Warner coaches from Danbury, Connecticut came down to the Meadowlands opener for some male bonding

A happy family of Giants fans are patiently waiting for their grilled items to be done

Friends of hopeful Chicago Bears rookie punter Spencer Lanning enjoy a feast of sausage and beer before rooting him on

The Lanning fan club had one of the biggest spreads out of all the tailgaters in attendance

Two giants fans play a game of toss while waiting for their food to cook

As more people started to show up, the lines at the souvenir stands got much longer

Two Giants fans enjoy a game of beanbag toss

The Big Blue BBQ is one of the biggest tailgating groups in the Giants fan kingdom

The Blue BBQ trailer has it's own full bar with a tap and the TV gets satellite

It even has its own toilet

The Big Blue BBQ puts most other tailgaters to shame, but if you'd like, you're more than welcome to join their team

The Big Blue BBQ has several members, but most weren't in attendance since this was only a preseason game

With an only an hour prior to kickoff to spare, Giants fans lined the entrance of The New Meadowlands Stadium

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