Pre-market: Stock Futures, Commodities Down Across The Board

Don’t expect another 100 point rally at 9:30 this morning.

Stock futures are all pointing down.

It’s the same blood red picture with metals.

Gold futures are down to $1104.70/ounce, silver is down 1% to $16.23. Platinum has fallen significantly, down 1.45% to $1551.80/ounce. Copper futures have fallen 37 basis points to $2.978/ounce.

Grains are a mixed bag, with soybean oil up 1%.

Soft goods show cocoa, cotton, and sugar futures are falling. Sugar has taken the largest hit, down by 130 basis points to $28.21.

Crude oil has fallen by $0.68 to $76.30 a barrel. Natural gas futures are up slightly.

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