That Trader Who Spent One Weird Day Employed At QuantZ Before Going To SAC Is Now At Goldman Sachs


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You might remember Prasad Chalasani as a quant who worked for one day at the high frequency trading shop QuantZ, sketched everyone out while doing so, and then quit to work for SAC Capital. 

Assuming you don’t, here’s a refresher.

During his one day at work, Chalasani made his employers suspicious after he spent his first day digging through QuantZ’s system rather than getting to know people.

Apparently, as soon as he got there, he began immediately “probing the inner workings of QuantZ’s proprietary quant programs.”

Then people started talking and calling around trying to find out more about this guy. But before they got very far, Chalasni quit and went to SAC Capital.

Turns out he didn’t last long there either. He left in June 2010 after just a 5 month stint at SAC.

Now he’s at Goldman working as a Quantitative Strategist. 

And his resume is starting to look like a Wall Street travel itinerary.