Prabal Gurung’s Line Is The Smash Hit That Target Needed

prabal gurung for target

[credit provider=”Courtesy Target”]

The Prabal Gurung line at Target almost completely sold out in only a day. The success of Gurung’s line should restore the fashion industry’s faith in designer collaborations after the recent flop with Neiman Marcus.

Many of the items from the collection are already on eBay with a lot of bidding activity, debunking the fear that consumers didn’t care about designer collaborations anymore. 

Target made some key decisions that put the Prabal Gurung line in the ranks of the highly-successful Missoni collaboration. 

First, Prabal Gurung stayed true to his aesthetic.

He offered versions of the modern jewelry, flowery dresses, and patterned jackets women admired on Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton. 

This was in stark contrast to the Neiman Marcus line, which offered a totally random assortment of products. For instance, Rag & Bone, which is traditionally known for denim, sold shot glasses. 

Women want Prabal Gurung for his dresses and jewelry, and Target was smart to stick to the basics.

The Prabal Gurung for Target line was also reasonably-priced. Blouses were around $25, dresses were $35, and shoes were $30. That’s a far cry from the Neiman Marcus collaboration, where many items were $75 or more. 

Target made some smart decisions about what its consumers wanted and were willing to pay for. As a result, it’s reaping the benefits.