POLL: Congress Is Less Popular Than Cockroaches, Nickelback And Donald Trump


Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A new poll from Public Policy Polling has found that Congress is less popular than a wide assortment of unpalatable things. The poll found that Congress had an abysmal approval rating of 9 per cent, but where things really took a bad turn was when PPP compared it to better-known items of wildly unpopular things. 

Overall, people preferred root canals, the NFL replacement referees, lice, Nickelback, colonoscopies, political pundits, carnies, traffic jams, cockroaches, France, Genghis Khan, used car salesmen, Brussels sprouts, and even Donald Trump over Congress. 

People still preferred Congress over telemarketers, the Kardashians and others, so all hope is not yet lost for the legislature. 

 See the full poll here > 

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