Charge Devices Anywhere In The World With This Portable Solar Panel

This is the SolarMonkey Adventurer from Powertraveller.

Why We Love It: Winner of the ISPO Award in 2013 for exceptional sports product, this two-panel solar charger will help all of your devices stay charged while you backpack in areas where power is scarce.

The charger has a 2,500mAh internal lithium polymer battery and weighs roughly half a pound. After 12 hours of daylight, the solar panels have fully charged the battery, and the SolarMonkey also includes special MPPT technology that allows it to charge your device even in low lighting conditions.

It comes with an attached carabiner to easily attach it to your gear, a sturdy travel case, and is both water- and shock-resistant.

solar panel powertraveller charger

Photo: REI


solar panel powertraveller charger

Photo: REI

Where To Buy: Available through the Powertraveller website and REI.

Cost: $129.95.

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