11 powerful companies that are hugely influential on social media

We recently released a list of the 50 most powerful companies in America.

To create this list, we factored in fiscal revenue, number of employees, press mentions, and social media influence, as ranked on a scale of 1 to 100 by Klout, a site that analyses social-media influence of companies and individuals across all platforms.

We decided to re-rank the companies by Klout score to determine which companies command the most influence on social media. Read here for a detailed description of how Klout score is calculated.

Scroll through to find out which of America’s most powerful companies stack up on social media.

Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through hispersonal investment company Bezos Expeditions.

10. PepsiCo

Safari Sundays

2014 revenue: $US66.7 billion

Number of employees: 271,000

Despite a major slump in soda sales, America's leading beverage producer found ways to remain profitable. PepsiCo, which operates out of Purchase, New York, owns 22 of the most well-known food and drink brands in the world, including Gatorade, Frito-Lay, and Tropicana, which all earned more than $US1 billion in sales in 2014.

Pepsi boasts nearly 3 million followers on Twitter but with a Klout score of 89, comes up just behind its competitor, Coca-Cola, in terms of social-media influence.

9. General Motors

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2014 revenue: $US155.9 billion

Number of employees: 212,000

GM, one of the world's largest automakers, has been in business for over a century. Despite a year filled with legal battles that recently ended with a multimillion-dollar settlement deal, GM has increased sales on the popular Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac brands.

The Detroit-based motor company has 21,000 dealers spanning six continents and a Klout score of 91, putting it just behind its competitor, Ford Motor Company, in terms of social-media influence.

8. AT&T

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2014 revenue: $US131.6 billion

Number of employees: 250,730

The Dallas, Texas-based mobile phone service provider is now also the largest pay-TV provider in the US thanks to a recent $US48.5 billion merger with DirecTV. AT&T's 4G LTE network covers more than 300 million people.

AT&T has a Klout score of 91 -- thanks to 696,000 Twitter followers and 5.8 million Facebook likes -- and is the only telecommunications company to rank on Fortune's most admired companies list.

7. General Electric

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2014 revenue: $US72.61 billion

Number of employees: 347,000

With more than 16 divisions and hundreds of thousands of employees worldwide, General Electric has its hand in almost every aspect of daily life. The corporation has 1.4 million Facebook fans and a Klout score of 91, proving its prowess online as well.

From the electricity that powers our homes to the appliances that cook our food to the engines that power our aeroplanes, the Fairfield, Connecticut-based company is constantly innovating.

6. Coca-Cola

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2014 revenue: $US45.99 billion

Number of employees: 129,200

Chances are, you've consumed at least one of the 657 billion Coca-Cola products purchased annually. The beverage company, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is impossible to ignore. Whether you're at the grocery store or the movies or grabbing concessions during halftime, Coke -- or Sprite, or Fanta -- is on tap.

The brand is savvy on social media as well; a Klout score of 92 represents Coca-Cola's community of more than 3 million Twitter followers and a whopping 93 million Facebook fans.

5. McDonald's

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2014 revenue: $US27.4 billion

Number of employees: 420,000

With consumer trends moving toward fast-casual and away from fast food, Oak Brook, Illinois-based McDonald's is doing all it can to stay relevant. For starters, the fast-food giant seems to be keeping up on social media with nearly 60 million Facebook fans, 3 million Twitter followers, and a Klout score of 93.

McDonald's overall turnaround plan includes rolling out all-day breakfast and revamping some of its stores to launch the 'create your own' gourmet burger option.

The company lists eight countries, including China and Russia, as high-growth markets -- aka locations with high expansion and franchising potential, which is important since a large majority of McDonald's restaurants (about 80% by the end of 2014) operate as franchises.

4. Intel

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2014 revenue: $US55.25 billion

Number of employees: 106,700

Intel, headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is the world's leading semiconductor chipmaker with a market cap of $US140 billion. Apple has been using Intel chips for its computers since Steve Jobs announced the switch from IBM in 2005.

Last year, Intel lost billions of dollars going after its flailing mobile phone business, but now it's probable that Apple will replenish Intel's losses by allowing it to capture half of its modem business with this year's iPhone release.

Intel's undoubtedly doing well on social media, though, and commands a high Klout score of 96. It has more than 4 million Twitter followers and 25 million fans on Facebook.

3. Google


2014 revenue: $US66 billion

Number of employees: 53,600

The search giant will soon become the largest subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., a holding company Google executives announced this summer. The Silicon Valley company is consistently ranked
one of the best companies to work for in America, with a startup culture that's envied by many.

Google also owns YouTube, the world's largest video-sharing website. Google's Klout score is 98, unsurprisingly high for one of the world's most innovative and engaging companies.

2. Yahoo

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2014 revenue: $US4.98 billion

Number of employees: 12,500

California-based Yahoo generated more than $US1 billion in new revenue in 2014 through its mobile, video, native, and social channels (aka Mavens). Yahoo now reaches 575 million mobile users, one of the largest mobile audiences globally. According to analytics site Alexa.com, Yahoo is the fifth most popular site in the world, and has a Klout score of 98 -- unsurprising for an internet giant.

Furthering its scope, Yahoo entered a partnership with Mozilla in late 2014 to use Yahoo.com as the default homepage for Firefox in the US.

1. Amazon

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Amazon

2014 revenue: $US88.99 billion

Number of employees: 154,100

As the largest e-commerce site in the country, Amazon recently surpassed Walmart as the most valuable retailer in America in terms of market capitalisation. It's also the company on our list with the highest social media engagement boasting a Klout score of 99 and a combined Twitter and Facebook following of 28 million.

The Seattle-based company currently owns over 40 subsidiaries, including Zappos, IMDb, and GoodReads, and refuses to be left behind in the consumer-electronics market.

Amazon debuted an e-reader and tablet to compete with Apple and launched Amazon Instant Video, which has produced an award-winning original television series.

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