Beats' $250 wireless earbuds are the perfect headphones for the summer

Hollis Johnson/Business InsiderThe $US250 Powerbeats Pro.

In late May, Apple-owned Beats was kind enough to send me the Powerbeats Pro, a completely new design for wireless headphones.

Powerbeats Pro are ideal for working out: Thanks to the ear hooks, the signature feature of these headphones, they will never fall off your head, no matter what you’re doing. You can run, jump, or shake your head all you want – Powerbeats Pro are designed to stay on you, no matter what.

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After spending over a month with these headphones, though, I’ve found that they’re not just great for exercise; they’re the ideal headphones for the summer.

The most important factor for any pair of headphones, aside from sound, is comfort — and I find I have no issues wearing Powerbeats Pro for long periods of time.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

The ear hooks are a smart design choice. They keep the headphones in your ears at all times, but the shape of the hooks is also an easy way to remember how to put them in. Just put the bud in your ear, then rotate the hook until it slides over the top and back of your ear. Once you get the hang of it, it’s super smooth.

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

In summer, when the weather is hot or humid, you don’t want to wear your over-ear headphones. They will make you sweat more, and most designs aren’t waterproof.


On hot days, wireless earbuds are your best bet. Powerbeats Pro are also sweat-proof, so you can feel confident wearing them as the sun is beating down on you.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

In the sound department, Powerbeats Pro is bass-forward without being overwhelming. Some people might prefer a flatter sound profile, but I actually love and prefer the sound in Powerbeats Pro since I listen to a lot of hip-hop and rock — songs with powerful beats that are great for the gym.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

Volume has never been an issue. Whether you’re walking down a busy street, or you’re in a packed gym with lots of treadmills going, you won’t have issues with hearing. Powerbeats Pro creates a pretty good seal in your ear to keep your music in, and outside noise out.

Dave Smith/Business Insider

Powerbeats Pro have on-ear controls so you never have to fidget with your phone — again, a nice feature when it’s hot outside and you want to limit your movements.

Dave Smith/Business Insider
There are two main controls: the Beats logo, which is actually a button, plus the volume rocker on top of the logo.

Pressing the Beats logo once pauses your music, twice skips a track, and three times goes back a song. You can also press this button to take or reject phone calls.

The charging case may be my least favourite aspect of these headphones. Slotting the earbuds into the case isn’t totally intuitive, even after a couple of months of use, and the case itself is big — much larger than Apple’s AirPods case, for example. It will fit in your bag or purse, but it looks goofy in a pants pocket.

Lisa Eadicicco/Business Insider

Aside from the large charging case, though, Powerbeats Pro are a home run. They’re supremely comfortable, can handle all levels of activity, sound great, and are perfect for hot weather.

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

A lot of people will opt to wear AirPods during the summer months, but it’s important to know that AirPods aren’t nearly as stable on your head as Powerbeats Pro, and Apple’s wireless earbuds aren’t sweatproof like Beats’ offering is.

As someone who’s tried a ton of different headphone designs, I can tell you with great confidence that Powerbeats Pro is the best choice to get you through the hottest months of the year.

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