'Power' star and executive producer 50 Cent explained why he committed to Starz: It lets him be as graphic as he wants

StarzCurtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson in ‘Power.’
  • Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson signed an exclusive, multiseries deal with premium cable network Starz this year.
  • Jackson explained at Business Insider’s recent Ignition conference that he’s sticking with Starz because he has the freedom to develop graphic content.
  • Starz CEO Chris Albrecht added that Starz wasn’t just looking at one show with the deal, but a brand.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is sticking with Starz and the “Power” universe for a while longer. Jackson signed an exclusive, multiseries deal with Starz this year to develop content for the premium cable network, worth up to $US150 million, according to Variety.

During Business Insider’s Ignition conference last week, Jackson explained that he’s committed to Starz because it allows for more freedom to develop graphic content, and “Power” is like making “ten R-rated feature films.”

“Each episode is connected, but it’s an R-rated quality,” Jackson said.

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Jackson used his 2003 song, “Candy Shop,” to explain why he chose to stay with Starz. He said he thought “Candy Shop” was graphic at the time it was released, but that musicians now are being much more explicit in their lyrics. He said he’s had to adjust to the changing climate and felt that Starz was the place he could be as graphic as he wanted to be, and needed to be to stay relevant.

Jackson said when it came time to negotiate his deal, Starz “just wanted to give” him the money because he had proven himself with “Power.”

Starz CEO Chris Albrecht added that an “authentic point of view” is essential to a premium network.

“There’s nobody more authentic or with a stronger point of view than Curtis,” Albrecht said. “So when it came time to make this deal, we weren’t looking at one show, we were looking at a brand. We were saying ‘part of the Starz brand is going to be Curtis.'”

Among the shows Jackson is developing for Starz is a “Power” prequel starring his character, Kanan, and “Black Mafia Family,” about the 1980s drug organisation founded by Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory.

Watch the full interview with Jackson and Albrecht below:


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