Power is the best action TV show you’ll watch right now and these are the characters that prove it

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My love for Power is getting a bit out of control — to the point that I’m known around the office as “the one who’s obsessed with Power”.

Honestly, it’s the best modern show of its genre. This is the hill I will die on.

Now that season six has hit Stan in 4K, I’ve re-watched all the previous seasons to prepare myself and you really need to as well. You will be 100% hooked on the complex developments and crazy plot twists.

Even if you hate a character for what they do, you want to know what’s going to happen to them.

The past five seasons have given us a revolving door of characters — some survive, many don’t. Here are the ones who made the biggest impact on me.


Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson‘s own character, Kanan, is hands down the best character ever written. He is a total psycho, we discover that pretty early on in the first season, but they ramp him up to pure evil by season two.

Then, somehow, the writers manage to humanise the guy. As he slowly bonds with rival Ghost’s son, we’re shown a whole other side to this man. Don’t get me wrong, we still hate him, but it’s just perfect writing to give us some small glimpse into an actual soul.

James ‘Ghost’ St. Patrick

Frankly, it’s not just the characters on the show who can’t keep up with this leading man’s plans. I am constantly questioning everything. Who is he truly loyal to (besides himself, and his kids)? I personally feel that anyone else, even his best friend Tommy, would be thrown under the bus if there were no other options.

Is he actually a good guy just doing what he needs to, or is he just a straight-up baddie who sometimes has moments of trying to be better? For me, the jury is still out.

Tasha St. Patrick

I honestly flip so hard between hating Tasha and thinking she’s actually pretty impressive. One minute she’s demanding hubby Ghost stays in the game so she can live her lavish lifestyle, next she’s cuckolded and so human but handling a horrible situation with grace. Besides Ghost, she’s definitely the smartest character on the show and no-one would have any money or success without her – a fact that she does not get enough credit for.

Of course, that also makes her almost as manipulative as Ghost and I will never forgive her for using her wiley ways on some of the more innocent characters around her.

Angela Valdes

Let’s finish off this central love triangle with foolish, naive Angela. But also she’s the worst. Look, I get it, we’ve all fallen for a bad boy, but it’s still super disappointing to see her go from ‘Angela who escaped the block and is hell-bent on using her lawyer job to clean up the streets’ to ‘Angela the lovestruck idiot who is suddenly so willing to toss a bunch of innocent people under the proverbial bridge for her dodgy choices’.

Tommy Egan

Even though I’m 100% convinced Ghost would screw Tommy over if he had to, their friendship is still the most adorable coupling on this show. They’re both so hard and would kill/betray/set-up anyone else in the business in the blink of an eye, but the way they treat each other keeps them both grounded. Tommy as an uncle to Ghost’s kids is also really sweet, and in total contrast to the crazy person he is on the streets. Basically, it’s what keeps both of them from being Kanan.

Ultimately, they even pick each other over their respective lovers. They really live that ‘friends first’ ethos.

Tariq St. Patrick

OK, Ghost’s only son also makes me SO mad.  Don’t get me wrong, I know he’s been through a lot — seen people close to him pass away and slowly learn more about his dad’s thug life as he gets older and more clued in. The exploration of his dark side makes total sense and is written flawlessly. However, it’s SO frustrating in that way that choices basically all teenagers make are SO frustrating. And look at all the people who had to suffer for his choices!

I’m absolutely ready for him to make his final descent into gang member, even though I’ll be sad about it.


Oh, Shawn. You simply cannot be a genuinely good person on this show without running into some very real trouble. All the poor boy wanted was love and family, and I kept forgetting how young he actually was because he’s so tall. He is too young and too kind-hearted to deserve the manipulation he faces left, right and centre.


As a young, single father, Dre’s absolute devotion to his daughter warms my heart every time. The fact that every awful thing he does revolves around being able to be the sole provider to his baby makes him a far more forgivable character than others. In fact, it’s the love for his daughter that is the very catalyst for him making some really big decisions about who to side with.

Though I can’t pretend he hasn’t done some truly depraved things.

Joe Proctor

Even a show as intense as Power needs a touch of comic relief, and it finds it with the introduction of lawyer Joe Proctor. Well, not comic exactly, maybe just more of a link to the non-underworld. At first, he seems like a shallow character simply here to do his part in the plot and then leave again. Boy, was I wrong though.

As the story explores his own home life and struggles and we watch him become more and more entwined with Ghost’s way of life, I was  sitting on the edge of my seat screaming ‘get out!’


Do I mainly love this homeless character who only appeared in, like, two episodes, because he’s played by rap legend Kendrick Lamar? Possibly. Although it’s also because, in true Kendrick style, he popped on our screens to drop some absolute wisdom and add a whole lot of humanity and compassion to the reality of a lot of people who find themselves living and/or working on the streets.

In case you missed it, season six of Power is on Stan right now and is available in 4K.

For those of you who are as obsessed with the show as I am, you can also catch the special aftershow, Power Confidential, for cast interviews, special guests, trailers and other goodies.

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