A Change To America's Power Grid Could Make Your Electric Clock Run Up To 20 Minutes Fast

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Photo: en.wikipedia.org

America runs on many types of electricity. From a surplus of privately generated solar power to hydroelectric to nuclear, it all gets picked up by the national grid which translates the melange into a steady frequency of 60 Hertz.But this process is expensive, and the organisation in charge is planning to cut costs, according to the AP.

The North American Electric Reliability Corp. recently proposed an update for the nation’s grid that will make it more efficient, but also loosen that fixation on 60 Hz.

Consequently any electrical item that uses a clock could be affected: think traffic lights, coffee-makers security systems and computers. Electric clocks for instance could become up to 20 minutes fast.

Scheduled to start in mid-July, the test date may change as public reactions pour in. Regardless of when it happens, company officials say it will be an interesting experiment.

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