20 Of Tech's Hottest Power Couples

Brin WojcickiSergey Brin and Anne Wojcicki

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Love and technology: A great combination if ever there was one.In honour of Valentine’s Day, we’ve created this mega-list of the tech industry’s most-powerful couples. 

Some are high-profile power couples who work at different companies. Some are couples who work at big companies, and some are new startups founded by married couples.

Dave and Brit Morin are tech royalty

Dave and Brit Morin are married, and each is working on a startup.

Dave is running Path, a mobile social network that has been growing rapidly.

Brit left Google to start her own company, Brit, which launched in November, 2011. It's a design and cooking site full of inspirational how-to posts.

Fab.com CEO Jason Goldberg recently married T-Systems' Christian Schoenherr

One week after Fab raised raised $105 million, which sells curated designer goods online at a discount, Jason Goldberg and his boyfriend, Christian Schoenherr, went to New York's City Hall and picked up a marriage licence.

Schoenherr is an account manager in New York for T-Systems North America, a division of Deutsche Telekom that provides information technology services.

The wedding was in August.

Kevin and Julia Hartz's romance started at a wedding

Kevin and Julia Hartz run Eventbrite. They met at a friend's wedding while Julia was working for MTV (on 'Jackass') and Kevin was founding Xoom.

They knew right away they wanted to start a company together. Now their ticketing startup has raised about $80 million in venture capital and has sold more than 90 million tickets.

Yahoo's saviour Marissa Mayer is married to VC Zack Bogue

Yahoo CEO, Marissa Mayer, the queen of the Valley, is married to Zack Bogue, cofounder of venture capital firm Data Collective.

Quite the power couple!

Ali and Mark Pincus have the magic touch with love and startups

Mark is CEO of Zynga and Ali is cofounder of online home-furnishings retailer, One King's Lane, which expects to do about $200 million this year in revenue.

Anne Wojcicki's startup is trying to save Google cofounder Sergey Brin's life

Sergey Brin met his wife, Anne Wojcicki, when Google was just starting out. It rented its famed first office, a garage, from her sister.

Wojcicki's startup 23andMe does genetic testing and has identified a gene that could reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease, an illness Brin's mother suffers from. Brin is at risk, too, and his wife's startup may save his life.

Sheryl Sandberg and David Goldberg are a tech golden couple

Facebook's No. 2 in charge, Sheryl Sandberg, is married to the CEO of SurveyMonkey, David Goldberg, the popular online survey site that just landed a whopping $800 million investment from several sources, including Google.

Susan Gregg Koger and Eric Koger are cofounders of Modcloth

High-school sweethearts Eric and Susan Gregg Koger launched Modcloth thanks to Susan's love of vintage clothing.

Susan couldn't resist buying cute vintage pieces, even if they didn't fit her. Eventually, she and Eric went off to college and her dorm room grew so full of stuff they decided to sell it online.

Today Modcloth employs 300 and has raised money from Accel and Norwest.

Top tech journalist Kara Swisher has the heart of Google's Megan Smith

AllThingsD chief Kara Swisher is married to Google's Megan Smith.

We'd love to hear their dinner conversation when Google news hits on AllThingsD.

Paul Graham and Jessica Livingston are changing the startup world

Paul Graham and his wife Jessica Livingston run Y Combinator, the startup school/seed-funding venture that has invested in hundreds of companies.

Michael and Kass Lazerow are a winning combination

Michael and Kass Lazerow are the founders of Buddy Media, which sold to Salesforce.com last year for more than $800 million.

Before founding Buddy Media, they launched Golf.com together, which they eventually sold to Time Inc.

Lisa Connell and Frank Sinton are cofounders of MeFeedia

After starting video aggregator MeFeedia in 2007, Connell and Sinton took extreme measures to balance work and family. The company is based in Burbank, Calif. but they moved their three kids across the country to Ormond Beach, Fla., where they bought a beachfront home.

Sinton is CEO, so he commutes to Burbank. Connell heads sales efforts from a home office.

Erika Trautman and Cameron McCaddon are cofounders of FlixMaster

Erika Trautman and Cameron McCaddon fled the high cost of the Bay Area to launch their startup in the relatively affordable locale of Boulder, Colo., where they joined the 2011 class of TechStars, an incubator.

The company makes a Web-based video editing that has grown to about 6,000 users and has gained the attention of some big partners, like Sony.

Casey Sackett and Jennifer Wong are cofounders of Alt12 Apps

After the birth of their own child, Casey Sackett and Jennifer Wong launched Alt 12 Apps with BabyBump, a mobile app for expecting mothers. They've since launched two more apps.

So far, so good for the couple. They raised $1.26 million in venture capital last spring and have had more than 6.5 million downloads of their apps.

Caroline Hu Flexer and Michael Flexer are cofounders of Duck Duck Moose

Duck Duck Moose was founded in 2008 when Caroline Hu Flexer and Michael Flexer noticed how much their 2-year-old daughter liked to play with the iPhone.

The Flexers joined forces with one of their friends, Nicci Gabriel, and the three amigos launched Duck Duck Moose to make mobile apps for kids.

Today the team has 14 popular apps, 2.4 million paid downloads, and $7 million in venture investment.

Jenn Deering Davis and Hayes Davis are co-founders of Union Metrics

Jenn Deering Davis and Hayes Davis conceived of their startup when they were eating some breakfast in Austin, Texas, restaurant wondering how many people were reached by a single tweet.

Union Metrics, best known for its Twitter measurement tool, TweetReach was born in shortly after, in 2009.

This wasn't their first startup. They previously worked on a startup called Liquid Communication Systems, launched with some friends while Hayes was in college.

Rashmi Sinha and Jon Boutelle are cofounders of SlideShare

Rashmi Sinha and Jon Boutelle both attended Brown University and founded SlideShare along with Rashmi's brother, Amit. They wanted to create a kind of YouTube for PowerPoint presentations--a central place where anyone could upload and share them.

They sold SlideShare to LinkedIn in May.

Diane Greene and Mendel Rosenblum are married cofounder legends

Google board member Diane Greene is married to Mendel Rosenblum. They co-founded VMWare, along with three other people in 1998. Greene, who was CEO, was famously let go in 2008 and Rosenblum left shortly after.

Greene kept her hand in tech startups, as an angel investor in a bunch of them and Rosenblum is a professor of engineering at Stanford.

Bill and Melinda Gates are the uber-couple

Together, the cofounder of Microsoft and his wife, once also a Microsoft employee, are trying to save the world. How great is that?

It took eight years for them to fall in love, but Carley Roney and David Liu found long-term success with The Knot, the mega wedding brand they created.

It took eight years for Carley Roney and David Liu to fall in love after meeting as undergrads at NYU.

But after they reunited at a graduate school party, the pace picked up. Two years after they got married, the pair went into business together. The Knot, founded in 1996, was their second venture.

It's been a bumpy road with some dark times during the tech bubble burst, but now the company is publicly-traded and employs 650 people. The founders say 80% of all women who are planning a wedding sign up for their site.

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