We Experienced New York's Most Famous Power Breakfast

Power Breakfast

Photo: Julia La Roche for Business Insider

The Loews Regency Hotel on Park Avenue is known for its “Power Breakfast” where some of the biggest power players in finance and politics like to dine.The breakfast apparently originated in the 1970s during a period of economic downturn in New York City, when then-Loews Corporation CEO Bob Tisch invited business leaders to meet at the hotel for breakfast to brainstorm ideas to help the city recover, according to New York Social Diary.

Since then, it seems the tradition of meeting there for breakfast and networking among those in business and finance has continued.

So we decided to check out just how big of a deal the “Power Breakfast” at the Loews Regency really was… 

We woke up really early, hopped on the 6 train and got off at the 59th Street station.

The city was still mostly asleep.

When we arrived, there were black cars along the street, probably for the patrons inside.

And then in we went!

The lobby was clean and bright.

The Park 540 restaurant is on the right side of the lobby.

Before you walk in you'll see Bloomberg TV playing.

There's also a Bloomberg terminal, in case you need to check the market and news.

The restaurant also offers complimentary newspapers.

We had a 7:15 reservation and as you can see it wasn't crowded at that time.

Our server immediately offered us coffee.

Then we glanced over our menus.

They offer heart healthy options for those who might be health conscious.

We were impressed by the drink options. If coffee isn't enough to give you a boost of energy you could order a Red Bull.

At the Power Breakfast you don't have to worry about being short on time. Our food arrived within minutes of ordering it.

It looked healthy and appetizing.

We loved the preserves they put on the table.

At the end of the dining room there was a banquet room. A group was hosting a breakfast event.

By 8 a.m. the restaurant was packed. We didn't spot any big Wall Streeters, but the people next to us were talking about a $10 million financing.

Adjacent to the main dining area is the Library where patrons can also eat.

The Library has some cozy couches and offers views of all the action on Park Avenue.

We also checked out the ladies room, which was very fancy.

There was hand lotion and towels with the Loews logo on them.

Oh and if you were wondering, it has an A rating.

As we were leaving, we spotted other journalists outside the hotel waiting to talk to any power players that may be staying at the hotel. This place is definitely a big deal.

After the workday, there's also places for Wall Streeters to relax...

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