The Startup That Delivers Anything To You In Under An Hour Is Taking Serious Precautions To Protect Its Couriers

PostmatesPostmatesOne of the Postmate couriers on the go

Postmates just announced a new insurance policy for its on-demand couriers.

Postmates is the startup that promises to deliver anything to you within in your city in under an hour.

Before today, Postmates offered general liability insurance, which only covered some liability for the fleet.

Now, the startups more than 4,000 couriers have full access to general liability insurance, auto excess insurance, and accidental occupational liability while on duty.

That’s pretty much on par with what services like Lyft and Uber offer, but what sets Postmates apart is its accident-occupational insurance, the company says.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what that means for a Postmates courier while on duty:

  • General liability insurance: $US1 million limit covering liability for Postmates on bikes for bodily injury and/or property damage of third parties.
  • Auto excess insurance: $US1 million limit covering liability for Postmates in automobiles for bodily injury and/or property damage of third parties.
  • Accidental occupational liability: $US50,000 limit covering Postmates’ medical expenses for injuries incurred while on the job, which is unmatched by any competitor.

Postmates is also offering its couriers free memberships to One Medical, a primary care startup that makes it dead-simple to set up day-of appointments with high-quality doctors. That yearly membership typically costs $US149.

Couriers will also now get perks like bike racks and messenger bags, and access to a Chrome Industries discount program.

Since launching back in 2012, Postmates has completed over 15,000 deliveries a week in 10 markets across the U.S. The startup has raised $US22 million to date.

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