At The Olympics, Posting A Photo On Facebook Could Get You Sued—Here's Today's Ad Brief

In the race for Portland’s mayor, one candidate, Eileen Brady, has created an ad that riffs on the popular show Portlandia. Watch above.

Unless you’re an official sponsor, posting a photo from the London Olympics could actually land you in court for infringing on sponsors’ rights. Furthermore “Branding police” will also go around blacking out non-sponsors’ logos and local businesses will be under scrutiny in they combine more than two of the words London, 2012, summer, games, or Olympic.

There’s a war against Ronald McDonald. Ad Age reports on the history of the Happy Meal and how it became the whipping boy of the nation’s childhood obesity problem. Some see Ronald, the fast food chain’s mascot, as the new Joe Camel.

Honest Tea is launching the “Great Recycle” event in Times Square on April 30. New York was selected as the first city in part to support Bloomberg’s effort to double recycling by 2017. It will then move on to other locations. Keep your eyes open for a 30 foot tall recycling bin.

ZenithOptimedia is now offering advertisers the ability to see responses to clients’ marketing initiatives immediately with new “Live ROI” data tools.

Alloy Digital, which reigns supreme over young-adult digital content, acquired B5Media, specializing in online women’s content.

Companies spend between $3,500 and $60,000 a year to get their kid-targeted ads screened by CARU, a service that makes sure commercials get past strict regulators.

The White Paper Blog has shared seven ways to promote content within LinkedIn.

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