Post Sacks Liz Smith, Saves $125K


The New York Post followed up Rupert Murdoch’s apology for the Obama-monkey cartoon by sacking Liz Smith, the 86-year old gossip columnist. Scratch $125,000 from the Post’s money-losing bottom line.

Greenwich Diva:

The 86-year old columnist said she received a letter from the newspaper stating that they were not going to renew her contract, and she felt sorry that they did not think she was valuable enough to keep her on.

Smith, who was earning $125,000 annually for her column, told reporters that, “I’m busy, I’m ok.  I am ok for a person who’s been let go.”

Until a year ago, Smith’s column appeared in the Post six days a week, but due to cutbacks, they moved it to three days.

Smith’s last column will appear this Thursday in the Post.