Post: NBC's Comstock Really Going Back To GE

The NY Post, which insisted that NBC “integrated media boss” Beth Comstock was heading back to GE corporate HQ last September, reports the same story this morning. The difference? This time, it’s true, says the Post.

Comstock will be given an expanded version of the chief marketing officer position she held before she was parachuted into NBC in 2005. In her new role, she will also handle digital media initiatives across the corporation.

The Post exclusively reported in September that [GE CEO Jeff] Immelt was planning to bring Comstock – who sources describe as one of the CEO’s favourite executives – back to his management team.

Immelt and Comstock began discussing different roles for her at GE last fall but waited until they could find a way to make the move look like a promotion before making it official, sources said.

The Post doesn’t tell us whether anyone will get Beth’s old job, or what this means for NBC U’s digital strategy and staffing. George Kliavkoff is NBC’s chief digital boss, but we hear that network chief Ben Silverman has been trying to bring the company’s digital initiatives under his wing.

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