Post Malone and his family apparently encouraged fans to harass a journalist after a negative review of Posty Fest

Post Malone. Paul Morigi/Getty Images
  • Last week, the Washington Post published a negative review of Posty Fest, Post Malone’s namesake music festival.
  • Then, Malone and his parents apparently encouraged the rapper’s fans to harass journalist Jeff Weiss.
  • Days later, Malone retweeted a positive review of his festival.
  • The family now says they didn’t do that.

Last week, the Washington Post published a negative review of Posty Fest, Post Malone’s namesake music festival. The review, from Jeff Weiss, touched on rapper’s music, ethics, and appearance.

“The most popular young artist in the most unpopular young nation is a rhinestone cowboy who looks like he crawled out of a primordial swamp of nacho cheese,” the article begins. “Post Malone is a Halloween rental, a removable platinum grill, a Cubic Zirconium proposal on the jumbo screen of a last-place team.”

The review also touched on the feeling of the day, which Weiss said felt like a fraternity “rush mixer held on a few acres of corporate-branded concrete.” And the music itself was also discussed, which he compared to “bong water bubbling and the casual misogyny of a member of a Red Pill subreddit.”

But as Drew Millard, who is friends with Weiss, reported for The Outline, Malone and his parents not only took issue with the review but also encouraged the harassment of Weiss after it was published.

On Tuesday, October 30, the same day the Washington Post story was published and subsequently went viral, Post Malone tweeted “f—k u,” seemingly directed at Weiss.

He also tweeted “chodez” a day later, sans context.

After the article was published, Post Malone’s parents tweeted a series of comments aimed at Weiss.

In one exchange with his wife Jodie, Malone’s dad Richard Post used a slur, referring to Weiss as a “cuck.”

It also seems that Malone’s dad attempted to incite anger among fans online – and it worked.

Later, Post shared a counter review of Posty Fest by Jake Kelly from The Daily Edge, an Ireland-based outlet. Malone also retweeted the article.

The Daily Edge article called the Washington Post piece “lowest common denominator journalism” because it “insults [Malone] in an effort to bring ‘colour’ to a piece.”

“My favourite line: Bottom line- If your critique has to come back to their looks, your review probably isn’t very good,” Post’s dad said.

The rapper responded to his dad’s tweet, saying he also liked the article.

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Now, the family is walking back their tweets.

After the Outline ran Millard’s article, Post walked back his tweets, saying his parental instinct kicked in.

“Hate speech, ethnic slander, and bigotry are disgusting and repugnant. No one, including you, should suffer this for any reason,” he said. “This tweet is not about vengeance or being angry about the WaPo editorial piece he wrote. Please don’t make it into that.”

In a third tweet, he said he was just defending his son.

“There is no expiration date on being a parent,” he wrote. “It’s a lifelong commitment. So you had better believe that I will be supportive, protective, and available for both my sons until I draw breath my last breath.”

Representatives for Post Malone and the Washington Post didn’t immediately return INSIDER’s request for comment.


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