Best Ad Of The Day: Obama and Putin's Dogs As Foreign Policy Eavesdroppers

Does President Obama’s dog have human ears?

And if so, is that dog a White House source for The Post Internazionale, the Italian foreign policy magazine? (Bonus points if you noticed that Obama mentioned his dog in his victory speech late Tuesday night.)

That’s the suggestion of a new campaign for the magazine (created by ad agency Lowe Pirella Fronzoni, Rome). The Obama ad is one of three that suggest world leaders’ pets are eavesdropping on their owners’ secret talks. Russia’s Putin also has a mutt, but Britain’s David Cameron has a cat.

Here are three executions from the campaign; they’re Business Insider’s Best Ads of The Day:

obama dog

Photo: Ads Of The World


Putin dog

Photo: Ads of the World


Cameron Cat

Photo: Ads of the World

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