Author Of Upcoming Joe Paterno Biography Says He Has 'New Facts' About Sandusky Case

jerry sandusky penn state coach with joe paterno

Photo: AP

Joe Posnanski’s “Paterno” book is still scheduled to come out August 21.Due to heavy criticism Posnanski has received over the last few months, he wrote a piece for USA Today (his employer) to basically fend off those who have been too quick to judge him and his upcoming book.

Posnanski says that contrary to speculation he covered the Jerry Sandusky scandal extensively and everyone should read the book before ridiculing him for writing it.

Posnanski also adds this interesting nugget (emphasis ours):

I believe I have written about his life with as much honesty as I have. I have reported as many of the facts of the Sandusky case as I could uncover (including some new ones). But I also objectively wrote about why so many people admired and idolized Joe Paterno in the first place. I wrote at length about his youthful idealism. I wrote at length about his unprecedented success as a coach. I wrote at length about the last 15 years of his life when he would not quit. I wrote at length about the end.

What are these “new” facts Posnanski speaks of?

At this point we can only speculate.

And more than that, we can only hope they’re not as horrifying as some of the rumours that were going around right after the scandal broke, i.e. Sandusky offering up young boys to rich donors.

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