Posh Facebook Conference Canceled

The eerily-bubble-like, invite-only Facebook developer “garage” scheduled for next month at the Harvard Club of New York — complete with a $15,000, sponsored keynote — is being canceled, organiser Fahad Khan tells us.

Why? Because it wasn’t in line with Facebook’s tradition of having “developer-driven, ground level” events — not big conferences, Khan says.

We’re not sure we understand. All of the Facebook events we’ve been to were low-key — dudes sipping beer, talking code, in an office, like the Union Square Ventures “hackathons” from last summer, pictured right. Khan was trying to organise something fancier — a few hundred people at the Harvard Club, with up to $70,000 in sponsorship money. Hard to see the utility in that for a Facebook coder. But isn’t that something Khan would have figured out earlier?

In any case, Khan says he’s planning to reschedule — using the same sponsor(s), speakers, and audience, to hold a “private event” later on.

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Photo: Fred Wilson

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