15 stunning photos that show why Portugal should be on your travel bucket list

Elliott Cheren/EyeEmResidential street of Lisbon.
  • In 2016, travel writers predicted that Portugal would be a hot spot for tourists.
  • This year, the country saw a record-breaking number of visitors.
  • Planned travel for the first quarter of 2018 is already up by 86% compared to last year.

Portugal has quickly become a top destination for tourists.

And it’s not just over the summer – travellers are making their way to Portugal during its off-season in larger numbers than ever before. According to American Express Travel, planned trips to Portugal are up 86% for January through March 2018, compared with the same period this year.

Colder temperatures are a trade-off for shorter lines and lower prices for accommodations during the off-season.

Below, we’ve compiled photos from the photo-sharing app EyeEm to show the gorgeous sights Portugal has to offer year-round.

Portugal received its name from the Latin “portus cale,” which means “warm harbour.”

Source: Travel + Leisure

Portugal’s high travel season runs from July through August.

Alexandra/EyeEmNazaré, Portugal

Source: Lonely Planet

During those times, warm ocean waters have the beaches packed with swimmers …

… as well as with surfers and paddle boarders.

John Jason/EyeEmLisbon, Portugal

Accommodations can cost up to 30% more during the high season, which is why the fall and winter are great times to plan a trip.

CLMT/EyeEmLisbon, Portugal

Source: Lonely Planet

Airline search sites like Kayak have also noted the growing popularity of Portugal as a tourist destination. Kayak saw a 46% increase in searches for flights to Lisbon compared to this time last fall.

Elliott Cheren/EyeEmLisbon, Portugal

Source: The New York Times

Lisbon, Portugal’s capital city, provides day hikes as well as a bustling nightlife to explore.

Source: Huffington Post

Coffee culture is important in Portugal. One of the city’s oldest cafes is A Brasileira, which has been open since 1905.

Source: The Guardian

Taking a trip on Lisbon’s tram car is also a great tourist experience. Riders can sit inside a train car that’s been in use since World War II and enjoy a scenic route.

Rico/EyeEmLisbon, Portugal

Source: US News

Much of the architecture that makes up Lisbon is built with early anti-earthquake construction technology since the entire area was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1755.

Source: The Spaces

Porto, Portugal, which is north of Lisbon, is comprised of 18th- and 19th-century buildings as well as newer trendy shops and restaurants.

Vincent Biebers/EyeEmPorto, Portugal

Source: The New York Times

The off-season for travel to Portugal runs from November through March.

While you’ll find fewer tourists there at that time, you’ll also experience shorter, rainier days.

John Jason/EyeEmLisbon, Portugal

The New York Times suggests hiring a private driver for half-day weekend tours, which will cost around $US234. On weekdays, you’ll find them for about 40% cheaper than that.

Photo by Toli/EyeEmCaldas de Arêgos, Portugal

Source: The New York Times

Europe’s longest bridge is the Vasco da Gama Bridge, which connects northern and southern Portugal.

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